Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom.
Imagine, Imagine landing yourself with what you consider to be the best job ever. Imagine that you are paid well and you have everything you could hope for. You have a new top of the range car and a beautiful house. You meet a beautiful woman or handsome man get married and have beautiful children. You travel and have 2 vacations each year. This might be the perfect life for many people.

Imagine, Imagine.

Suddenly it all comes crashing down!!!
You lose your wonderful job.
You might need to sell the car.
You might need to sell the house.
You could be left with nothing except your family.
You have hit “Rock Bottom”

It’s a disaster!

Now, for many people that would be a disaster.
Some would get depressed and turn to alcohol or drugs. I guess that really would be “Rock Bottom” They would lose the one thing that they have left, they would lose their family. That really, really would be rock bottom. Some would commit suicide and that would be the end.
Now, as a builder, I know that rock makes an excellent foundation.

I always say: “when you hit Rock Bottom, the only way is up!”

Imagine, you are the person I described above.

You have lost everything except your family. You were strong enough to keep away from alcohol and drugs.

The only way is up. You have rock as a foundation.

Build your life up from that foundation, the same way as a builder builds a house.

You might start looking for another job or you could start a business. I would always choose a business.

I can hear the voices already.

I can’t start a business, I don’t have any money, I can’t, on and on, excuses, excuses. I started most of my businesses with no or very little money, it just takes hard work.

You CAN start a business with no or little money but that’s another story.

For now, I want you to imagine, Imagine you have hit Rock Bottom and think about how you can build yourself back up.

I know you can do it.

The only way is up.

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