Presentation Is Everything

How you present yourself and your business to your potential customers is crucial to your success or failure.

First, I want to share some short stories. In the 1980s I went into a car sales business to ask the owner to recommend an accountant. I started the conversation by asking if he was busy. Many people would have been shocked by his answer. His answer was xxxxxxx busy. Sorry, I am unable to publish it here. but you can probably work out it was bad language. How many customers do you think would simply walk out of that business and tell their friends?

More recently I was in a shop looking for a battery charger and the conversation with the owner went something like this. Me: I am looking for a battery charger Shop owner: The xxxxxxx chargers are xxxxxxx on the xxxxxxx shelf over there. Again how many customers would walk out and tell their friends? How much business could be lost?

Recently I watched 2 videos of people trying to recruit for their business. In one was a scruffy looking man in a dirty tee shirt who looked like he hadn’t washed, and in the other was a man who looked like he had just come out of jail. Now, I don’t think I need to tell you how important your presentation is to your business, the stories tell it all.

Think about it. Put yourself in your potential customer’s position and ask yourself. Would I purchase products or services from me?

It’s up to you how you present yourself and your business. But however you present, it should be clean, tidy and polite. Food for thought. Think about it. To your success.

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