Money For Nothing

Of course, there is no such thing as money for nothing but it makes a great title.

What I am actually talking about is not how to get money for nothing but how to start a business for little or no money. It doesn’t matter what business, any business can be started with little or no money.

Some businesses, however, will require money to start. A property business for example. The thing is, it doesn’t need to be your own money and there are more ways than ever to raise the start-up funds.

Food for thought.

Here are two stories about how I started my own businesses without any money.

1/ I am a builder and would do building work for people. New houses, extensions, walls, garages, etc. I didn’t have any money but still started a building business. How? you might ask if you didn’t have any money.

My answer is:

It’s not easy, it’s called hard work and using the customers money. Or other peoples money.

I would do the work while at the same time investing a portion of the money which my customer paid in advance in the tools and equipment needed for my business. then repeat the process. My customers would always pay in advance of any work being done once a load of building materials had been delivered to the site. Another payment would be requested when the concrete was laid. I would have obtained the supplies, concrete and the digger operator on credit and paid once I received the advance from my customer.

Here is some more food for thought.

As a builder, someone who owned some land approached me to build 3 houses. The deal I made was to build the houses for the people who purchased the land and as soon as the first plot was sold I was paid before I even ordered materials or started any work.

2/ I am not only a builder, but I also manufactured cast stone products, window sills, slabs, facing blocks, etc. This business also needed money I didn’t have. Again I used the customers money to pay for the materials which I obtained with credit from the supplier. In Addition, I hired a joiner to make some work benches and in return, I built him an extension to his house.

I would always barter my services to save money and it worked every time.

Food for thought.

Even online you can barter to start your business. You could find a hosting company who needs some graphics for example and if you are good at graphics you can barter some for hosting, therefore, saving money.

Think of your skills, think about what you can barter and you really can start a business for no money. Even if you do need some money to start your business you could look around for unwanted items to sell on eBay etc. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to raising the funds you need.

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