Productive, Or Not Productive? That Is The Question.

I was talking with an associate earlier today and along with other things was discussing the fact that I was out of ideas for a blog. I said that I didn’t want to write a blog just to get some content out I always want to write something that is useful and other people can use. If not for their business, I want to at least say something entertaining as I believe that life is not all work and should be fun too.

Anyway, coming away from the conversation I started thinking and later on it suddenly occurred to me that I have an idea for a useful blog.

Here it is.

What is the most productive activity you do on a daily basis?

Let me tell you what I consider to be the most productive activity. Many people might think this activity is a waste of time because they don’t use it productively. The activity is talking, whether on a telephone or on live chat. The most productive activity of the day is the conversations you have with other people.

But I can’t find time to place my ads if I talk all day I hear you say. That is true but a conversation is worth a thousand ads or even more. You see, people don’t buy from ads they buy from you, they join you. Think about it. How many people have you recruited because of an ad? True we need ads to attract prospects but it’s the relationship you have with your prospect that ultimately determines the outcome, a sale or no sale.

Don’t try to sell in your conversations. Just tell people about what you do and answer questions, talk about the other person and find out what he or she needs. Talk about family, hobbies and interests but never try to persuade anyone to buy or join your business. If they are interested and when they are ready they will ask for more information, then, and only then will they buy from you or join your business.

I will spend hours talking with people even if it prevents me from doing other activities on my to-do list. In fact, conversations are scheduled in my to-do list. Food for thought. Think about it. I hope you have found this useful. Enjoy your conversations. I do. 

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