About Ally

My name is Ally Stewart and I started my working life at the age of 15 as an apprentice builder. I worked hard building houses and other construction projects and became skilled at the trade, so naturally, my first business was a building business.

As an apprentice, I also learned how to manufacture precast concrete and cast stone products. This was the perfect addition to my building business so I started a precast business. I soon gave up the building business and went on to manufacture precast products for the next 20 years. However, both building and precast manufacturing was hard work and I didn’t want to be doing hard physical work into my 50’s.

I already knew that I needed to start a business which wasn’t so physically demanding so at the same time as I was manufacturing precast products I also sold VHS videos and vinyl LP records. By the time DVD’s and CD’s came along I was also selling other products online and on ebay.

By now I was ready to give up the precast business as I was heading towards my 50th birthday. When I was younger the physical work kept me fit but now it was wearing me down so I needed to do something easier. That’s when I started a taxi business and I still run the taxi business today.

The taxi business was also successful and over the years I have earned a lot of money with my businesses. Enough money to live a double life in the UK and in the Philippines with my partner and two boys. I have bought cars and built a house in the Philippines without borrowing any money. In fact I have started all my businesses with little or no money (more about that in another article)

I am now ready to start a new business (more about that later) and promote my products online and on Ebay. As I mentioned before, I already have experience selling online. I sold VHS Videos and vinyl LP records online. I even sold my cast stone and precast products online. My new business will be a combination of manufacturing physical products and internet marketing.

On this website I want to share my journey with you and hope I can inspire and help you to also become successful in business and achieve the lifestyle you deserve.